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Ringo Parcelforce
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Lover of tea and all things geek.
If you want to art trade, send me a note!


Nickname: Yakitten, Yabosun, Yakala, Yaglutton, Yanothing, Yabuizel (depending on my mood/the situation.)
Age: 16
Born: 04/01/1999
Relationship status: Single

Education/ Work

School: A small one outside Cambridge. That's all you need to know.
Campus: ??
Work: I used to have a job but.... they decided to 'let me go.' ..Um, I mean, it wasn't working out.


Eye color: Blue
Height: No idea
Body type: Slim
Natural haircolor: Blonde
Dyed haircolor: I have virgin hair..
Hairstyle: Bedheaded and scruffy most of the time. If I can be bothered to do it properly then it's kind of a mop-top.
Makeup: N/A
Clothing style: Casual most of the time i.e. Jeans, T-shirt and hooies. But I'm really fond of sweaters with chemise shirts. Or I'll just stay in my onesie all day.


Nationality: British/Nordic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Recidence: Cambridge, England
Places visited: Finland, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium
Languages : English. Um, a tiny bit of Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. Also I'm studying Spanish at school.


Living: With my mum and brother.
Siblings: Little brother.
Pets: Two cats, Shade, female and living at my mum's house and Sooty, male and living at my dad's house. Also multiple fish and newts. (I like to breed fish and Newts Sweating a little...  )

Lifestyle & Hobbies

Hobbies: Drawing, Photography, Fish and Newt breeding, Reading, Swimming, Guitar and Piano and a little animating.
Collecting: Nothing really. I suppose multiple book series and just little geeky trinkets. Also, I used to collect Pokemon cards.
Music: Rock, Punk, Alternative, Indy-rock and Classical :) (Smile) 
Books: Watership Down, A song of Ice and Fire, Varjak paw, Les Miserables (are just some of my favourites but I really love reading!)
Series: Doctor who, Sherlock, Adventure Time, Avatar the last Airbender, Digimon, Game of Thrones.
Religion/beliefs: I don't think there is any kind of afterlife.
Drink/smoke/Drugs: Occasionally alcohol but nothing more.


☆ Colors: Blue, Green and Brown.
☆ Animals: Contrary to what you might think, cats are not my favorite animals. I like Otters, fish, Seals and Birds more but I still really love cats and I honestly believe cats would be my 'spirit animal.'
☆ Bugs/small critters etc: I really love all bugs in general.
☆ Games: Pokemon and Spore.
☆ Movies: Ugh, okay I really don't get into movies much. Anything Studio Ghibli basically.
☆ Pokemon: Floatzel and Typhlosion.
☆ Mlp: Not for me, thanks.
☆ Food: Fish, rice, potatoes
 Candy: Fudge
☆ Drinks: TEA!
☆ Fandom: I don't really like to label myself with a fandom. I used to really like fandom culture and really get into it but now I tend to avoid it if anything because the sort of things you see and/or the type of people you encounter in a 'fandom' can really put you off the thing in general. I just like to enjoy what I enjoy in my own little space. But I suppose if I had to it would be Pokemon, Sherlock and Game of Thrones.

Dislikes #

Food: idk.
Music: One Direction or any 'typical' boy band. And I know this sounds terribly hipster-ish (which is not how I intend to come across at all) but pretty much mainstream, formulated crap that all sounds the same.
Candy: I don't really like fizzy sweets.
Color: I think any colour can look good sometimes given the right circumstances.
Animal: Uh I really love all animals. Yep.

Bad habits: Chewing sleeves
Pet peeves: Screaming kids, improper speech/grammar (unless you're typing in a hurry), people who don't shut the door behind them, people who are way too defensive, people who jump to conclusions, people who won't listen to other's point of view, creationists, prejudice, discrimination, attention seekers, obvious liars and people talking to me when I have my earphones in and my music on.
Phobias: Planes and cycling. That last one is weird, I know but it had a story to it..


Drawing programs: Clip Studio Paint
Tablet: Wacom bamboo pen&touch
Traditional: Pencils, sharpies, fine-tips, watercolour
Some styles I draw in: Cartoon, semi-realistic and a little bit of manga/anime influence.


Most active Animal character(s):
Pursimies, Peppermint, Dandelion, Nanna, Ringo, Scarlet. (they're all cats lmao)

I also had a story about birds an shit but I can't remember the names of the characters..

Most active Humanoid character(s):
Charles (or 'Wolf') - Child prodigy with a once-in-a-generation talent for art but an unusual obsession with the colour blue.
Lorelai - Staving artist with a lot of financial difficulty, desperately trying to make her claim to fame.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: The Beatles
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Drinking: Tea

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